Sabrina, like myself, constantly finds herself in the downtown core for events or just to hang out because it’s something like a second home. We both dread the commute back and forth, the wait times for the next bus, the train service ending before 2am, etc., however we’re back at it on a regular basis. Even though we spend more time downtown than in Scarborough, Scarborough is still home. It’s where we spent our childhood and the lessons, memories and overall experiences are irreplaceable.

What brought you to Lawrence Avenue East?
Well, I used to live in Flemo and my Mom moved to Orton Park and Lawrence when I was four years old and we’ve been living there ever since.

What does Lawrence Avenue mean to you?
Lawrence Avenue means that I will be always waiting for the 54 ‘til God knows when to get home every night.

Where you coming from?
I’m coming from downtown most likely all the time.

So why are you often downtown?
I’m either always going to events downtown or concerts or even just hanging out. The environment downtown suits my type of lifestyle and just suits me.

Tell us a story that happened on Lawrence Avenue.
The funniest thing that happened to me on Lawrence was arguing with some lady on the bus over the stupidest thing. I guess I told her to move her bag and she made like the biggest deal out of it to the point where the bus had to stop and just tell this lady to calm down but she wasn’t calming down whatsoever.

What are some keys words that you think of when you hear Lawrence Avenue?
Diversity, culture, and togetherness

Is there anything about Lawrence Avenue you’d like to talk about?
I used to go to this mosque on McCowan and Lawrence, called Jame Abu Bakr Siddique for like five years. And that was a learning experience in itself. I learned about my religion and how Islam is very important in our daily lives. And how we kind of take certain things in life for granted.

Photo by Candace Nyaomi

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