Rhyanne Younes

What does Lawrence Avenue mean to you?
To me Lawrence Avenue is a feeling of belonging. It’s my social community, a place where I’ve made and continue to make memories. Lawrence Avenue is where I see and spend time with my loved ones. Lawrence Avenue is home, pretty much.

What brought you to Lawrence Avenue?
Hmm. The many opportunities. There is so much help and support that is available, to help me become successful as a student and a future ECE graduate. This is where I reside and where I’ve learned over the years. I can always come down here for anything.

Tell us a story about what happened to Lawrence Ave?
I’m not too sure what happened…

Tell me a memorable time you had in this community?
One of my most memorable moments would be, the summer day that my friends and I decided to splurge on snacks from Bulk Barn, go back to our spot and just hang out conversing about nothing, but everything. Their company and good vibes means so much to me.