Reggie works at D’Ornellas Bike Shop as a bike mechanic, by Lawrence Avenue East and just east of Pharmacy.

What brings you to Lawrence Avenue?
The road. This road has always been my cycling route. This road opened up my opportunities to connect and interconnect with other people. It gave me access to different things. It gave me access to new friendships.

What happened to Lawrence Avenue?
For me, it is all colors.

What do you mean?
I mean because of the diversity in the city. There are so many different types of people. Especially working at the bike shop, I meet all kinds of people. It’s actually amazing.

What is Lawrence Avenue to you?
It is all about enduring.

Why do you say that?
Because before we moved here, we knew it was not a good area. We were hearing all these things about it. But see now we’re enduring. The road is surviving. The people are still here. It’s all about just endurance and being able to live life.

Photo by Nina Escalante

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