Mac Persad

What brings you to Lawrence Avenue?
Rozanne Persad (Mac’s wife and co-owner of Curry & Roti): ​It started back in 1973 with my uncle, my mom’s brother who bought this place, wanting a space of his own. My husband and I took over in 1993, over 21 years ago, so we are the second and third generation to keep running this place. We are the first curry shop here on this strip. 

What does Lawrence Avenue mean to you?
Rozanne Persad: We are extremely proud of what we do here, serving our community for 42 years. Providing them with a staple and stable product. I wanted to run my own business; I knew I didn’t want to work for anybody. I took it over from my uncle and have no regrets. 

Tell me a story about something that happened to you on Lawrence/favourite memory on Lawrence?
Rozanne Persad: When I first came to Canada, I lived at Midland and Lawrence. This place was considered boonie town – far from Toronto. I used to work downtown and pay two fares to get there. I was also married on Lawrence Avenue at the Wexford Presbyterian Church. I came here on Lawrence, I met my husband here, got married here on Lawrence and now I run a business here on Lawrence. I completely immersed here.

Photo by Renée Tellis

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