KINGCOMIX is always in the libraries along Lawrence Avenue East.

What brings you to Lawrence Avenue?
The libraries, mostly, the libraries are the best places in the whole city. I just love how much free information I can find in the library. I feel like people don’t really take advantage of that more often. Especially the one on Lawrence, because it is not as crowded as the other libraries I go to. I’ve never gone inside that library and not find a table or a chair. There is always space for me there.

What happened to Lawrence Avenue?
I just don’t like how they made Cedarbrae Mall have a “facelift”.

What do you mean by that?
Like, I really loved old-looking malls, I love it when they don’t look as bright and “sterile” because then fancy pretentious people don’t come along there. But because they made the outside of Cedarbrae Mall look so bright, I felt like it lost its little spark for me.

What does Lawrence Avenue mean to you? What does Scarborough mean to you?
Scarborough is play. If you tell me you don’t like to play, you’re lying to me. Everybody loves to play. That is why I love painting those frogs…in those grey boxes, because the city was losing its colour. And I feel like that’s why a lot of people like the frogs, because they’re playful.

Photo by Nina Escalante

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