What does Lawrence Avenue mean to you?
Lawrence Avenue means home. It’s where I grew up and went to school. It’s an area that I’m very familiar with and it means good old high school days, which makes me wish I can go back once again. 

What brought you to Lawrence Avenue East?
When my parents came to Canada from Sri Lanka, they came to Lawrence Avenue and that’s what brought me to this area.

How old were you when you moved here?
We moved in 2002, I was 15 years old.

Tell us a story about what happened to/on Lawrence Avenue.
There was a fire at Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute at Lawrence Avenue. The school was closed during September and we had to start the school year at a different school until the damages were fixed.

What are the main differences between living in Canada and Sri Lanka, Scarborough in particular?
Freedom. Lots of opportunities, better lifestyle, and education.

Photo by Troy Frederick

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