Eddie Son

Eddie Son is the son of the owner of Makkal Cho, a Korean BBQ and Delicacies restaurant. He has been working with his family on Lawrence Avenue for 5 years.

Tell me a bit about yourself. Are you in school?
Yes. I just graduated from Don Mills Collegiate Institute, and now I am studying to become a chef.

That sounds great! Are you the main chef around here?
Oh no, that’s my mom. She cooks everything here, everyday. She works from 11am to 11pm every single day—even holidays. She works 365 days a year.

I can see you really admire her.
She’s the foundation of this store, and like I said, she works everyday of the year.

So, I’m guessing this is a family business.
Yes, this is a family business.

How long has it been running for?
Ten years in total, five years here on Lawrence Avenue.

That’s a long time! Do you remember any stories that went on during those five years here at Lawrence Avenue?
Not really. I do know that in the 1960s this area was much flourished. The first Korean supermarket was on Lawrence Avenue.

What brought you to Lawrence Avenue?
If you look outside, you can see many stores of different cultures. You can find a different nationality on every street corner. This is what Canada is to me. Lawrence Avenue East is the definition of Canada’s diversity.

I couldn’t agree more. What would you like to see in the future for Lawrence Avenue East?
You know The Taste of Danforth?

Do you know The Taste of Lawrence Avenue?

One day I hope The Taste of Lawrence Avenue becomes an even bigger event. Bigger than The Taste of Danforth. I also hope to see more stores of different cultures open up on this street.

Photo by Sarah Zeweldi

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