Christian Agbayani

What brought you to Lawrence Avenue East?
I really love to play basketball and sometimes I come here with my friends just so we can hang out. The library is right nearby so if we need to get some work done we can work in there and then also take a break to just play basketball. We have our own team, The Monarchs, so we can just practice and hang out and interact with a lot of other people.

What does Lawrence Avenue mean to you?
I think Lawrence Avenue means community. There is so much to do here. There are great places to eat, great places to hang out, you can just spend so much time here. At this court, there are a whole bunch of people who hang out at the park, play a quick game, and also just practice shots. There is a sense of community and family.

Lastly what is an important story about Lawrence Avenue?
I think Lawrence Avenue is an important story of itself. We have so much culture here and art. An example of that is this new graffiti wall. We have so much to show here and bring to other people around us. Lawrence Avenue is important me along with so many others.

Photo by Jathusana Chandra

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