Rebecca Zala

Rebecca Zala, 17, was born in Mexico, lives in Scarborough, and studies at Ryerson University; she balances the most obvious aspects of her identity with the more subjective experiences of those aspects, and expresses herself through her art. We met at Scarborough Arts’ EAST Spoken Word Poetry workshop held at various Toronto libraries. After a meeting, I photographed her in the surrounding area, and after the photo shoot, we spoke at Lawrence East station – some answers have been edited, others moved around.

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Mary Louise Cook

Mary Louise Cook is a descendant of Canadian pioneers on the land we now call Lawrence Avenue. She was born in 1930, raised in Scarborough, and has watched the communities of the neighbourhood and her own congregation (now called Wexford Heights United Church) evolve. Most people in the church that I spoke to suggested that I meet their “historian”, Mary.

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