Alex is not a Lawrence Avenue resident but he plays in Scarborough. He is a regular at The Spice Is Right restaurant on Lawrence Avenue East.

What brought you to Lawrence Avenue?
Just passing to go by my sister-in-law and I eat some food. I buy food.

Do you go to Spice Is Right a lot?
Oh yes.

So you’re a regular there?

What do you like about Spice Is Right?
Let me tell you something. One, they have the Jamaican pots. You know what that mean? The Jamaican food. The kind of food. And the way how it cook is the Jamaican way.

Is it your favourite Jamaican restaurant in the city?
One of them. It’s one of my favourites.

What is your favourite dish to get from there?
I have three favourite dishes. Ackee and saltfish and dumplin. Curry goat with white rice. Rice and peas and chicken. Whether it stew chicken, fry chicken, or barbecue.

How long have you been going there?
Oh, about three to four years.

You said that your sister lives close by?

What does Lawrence Avenue mean to you?
To me, just like any other road. You’re looking for a shortcut? Most of the shortcut are right there.

Have you gone to any of the other shops on Lawrence?
Hardly, just the convenience store.

So Spice Is Right is that place that keeps you coming back?
Yeah man. When I carrying somebody to get some food that is one of the first places I pick.

Do you have any stories about Spice Is Right on Lawrence?
Not really, I don’t have too much stories.

Do you have any memories there?
The guy and the lady that is there, they treat people good. Yes, very good.

Yes, I agree. I experienced that on Saturday.
If you notice they are like a family restaurant because they don’t behave as if they’re just selling you the stuff and get out of here. I notice some place you go, they tell you stuff and then bye bye. They make a little joke with you. Especially the lady.

Photo by Samara Moore

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